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My name is Glen Barnhardt (AskCoachGlen) and I am a Independent Team Beach Body® Coach. My goal is to help you meet and maintain your fitness goals. As a coach it is my job to help motivate and inspire you. I can’t think of anything better than helping people to change there lives.

I became a beach body coach because I personally use Beach Body® products. I workout daily with P90X, I drink the results and recovery formula after every workout, I take the peak health formula, I eat the peak performance bars, and I drink Shakeology for breakfast every morning. The workouts and the products have changed my life. When I found out that I could become a coach an help others to get the same results that I have it was a no-brainer.

You can read about my transformation on my Blog.

Who is Beach Body®?

Watch this short video and find out why you should join me and 1000′s of others who have used Beach Body to change there lives.

How can I help you?

So you may be asking what am I as your coach going to do? Once you get started you are going to have questions, What program should I use?, Which Equipment do I need?, Do I need to use the diet?, and many others just like that. You may have down days and I’m here to help  you thorough it.

We also have the Team Beach Body Club. You should join the club first there are 1000′s of people on the club forums who you can talk to. There are also many great tools like the diet planner, the Wowy GYM, and your own personal tracking system so you can monitor your progress. You can win money by simply entering your workouts in the WowyGym.

Join the Team Beach Body Club

Like me you might like the idea of helping others to change their lives and want to become a Team Beach Body Coach.

Why Become a Coach?

Watch this short video to find out more about being a coach.

Become a Beach Body Independent Coach

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I certainly hope that you have decided to join me and I look forward to helping you reach your Health, Fitness, and Financial goals.

Coach Glen

Team Beach Body Independent Coach

P.S. If you have questions and wish to talk to me my contact info can be found on the About Page.

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